Saturday, 19 March 2011

holi fashion


Holi is a festival of colors, but everybody loves wearing white.
It’s just that you come to know how dirty you are.
So here are few sexy whites that you can wear, get dirty and yet look sexy!


The perfect traditional Indian dress. You put some water on that and it becomes completely transparent. As it is, it is considered to be one of the sexiest Indian outfits. A simple long piece of cloth that drapes your body! With a sexy white blouse, show off that midriff as the colors and the water falls on your body!!

You think you have those amazing shoulder bones. Show them off. Wear those sexy strapped spaghettis with a perfect fit and show off that curvy body of yours.


The white kurtas are the most common and comfortable thing. But if you really want to look hot and steamy,  how about wear those georgette and really thin cotton kurtis. A slight see through makes it completely irresistible for the guys to handle.


An oversized shirt of your boyfriend could make you a complete temptress. As the size is big for you, it keeps on falling off, creating a subtle temptation.
White can turn on anyone, if worn intelligently.
One last thing to remember, spice up that lingerie. After your clothes become see through, he should not get turned off what lies beneath. There should be something to let the temptation go on!