Monday, 28 March 2011


        FOOT CARE   

The foot is important part of your body,but still we ignore it and don't take proper care of it Toenails, feet and legs are to be treated with ppedicure.Actually an old friend of mine meet me yesterday with the same problem. Regular washing of feet can prevent foot caused by fungal infection. But our feet needs more attention. I can say that you should wash your foot daily and apply moisturisers daily.

  • Rub your foot and nails with lemon , it cleans up.
  • Try to wear shoes that is one size big to your actual size.
  • If you are having problem to your foot with high heel and still want to look gorgeous you can try platform heel that will support your foot.
  •  You can paint one stroke down the centre of your nail with a small amount of polish on your brush.

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