Saturday, 12 March 2011

eye makeup

Teal Eyes 

Makeup Trends for Spring

A huge Makeup Trend for Spring includes stealing the show with strikingly stunning dramatic teal eyes

Getting the Look


Start your look by coloring your eyebrows about a shade darker than their natural color. If your eyebrows are exceptionally dark, then you can take the time to practice shaping them perfectly and choosing eye shadow colors that compliment them. Eyebrow shape can make or break your beauty, so make sure your eyebrows are symmetrical and shaped with a natural-looking arch.

Eye Shadow

Next, apply a light shade of eye shadow starting at your eyelash line and going up to the base of your eyebrow. Your color choice depends upon your complexion and eye color, however, a light pink or subtle gold/brown usually works well.


Place black eyeliner to your upper lashes first. Using a very thin line, apply from the inner corner outward. When you move on to the bottom lashes, be sure the two lines do not touch, as this will actually shrink your eyes and cause you to look cat-like rather than gorgeously dramatic. Complete your look with a couple of coats of dark mascara, and curl if desired.After you have completed your shadow, it's time to use eyeliner. This is unfortunately where many women go wrong. To prevent this from happening, start out small. It is easier to add product than it is to remove it.

Where to Wear

Get dramatic with birght eye makeup!
Dramatic eye makeup can enhance your look for a variety of occasions. Now that you have achieved your dramatic look, where should you wear it? Save it for fun evenings out, perhaps when you next go dancing at your favorite club or have an after-hours work soiree to attend. Dramatic eye makeup is not usually appropriate at places such as weddings or other classy daytime functions. It is all about finding opportunities where you can truly be fun and funky. Remember that practice makes perfect. Emo teens are the only ones who can really pull off questionably applied liner in the bright of day. For the rest of us out there, it's best to have a few trial runs before debuting our stunning new evening look.

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